Greg Newman, Artist
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Greg Newman is an artist and freelance software craftsman.

With a keen eye for detail, Greg focuses on realistic portraits and wildlife art and has done work for a wide variety of clients, including but not limited to Corel Corporation, ESPN Magazine, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Broadway.  If you would like to commission a piece or discuss an illustration project, use the contact page to request information.

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"Brie Sleeping"

Commissioned in remembrance of Brie, a nine year old Boxer.  A 5x7 painting done in watercolor in a Stillman & Birn watercolor sketchbook.  The page was cut out and framed for the client.


Red-Tailed Hawk Illustrations

A commission for a wine label project.  I studied the red-tailed hawks at the Carolina Raptor Center and created two pieces for the labels.  This particular piece will be used on the front label at a size of four inches.