About Greg


Currently residing near Charlotte, North Carolina, I am a self taught artist drawing inspiration from wildlife, nature, and the the art of the portrait.  I utilize graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic or egg tempera in my work.  

I have done work for a wide variety of clients including ESPN Magazine, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Broadway.

I also work as a freelance software craftsman.  This work supplements the studio and gives me the freedom to choose the type of projects I accept.

More About Me

  • I am a student of the classical guitar.

  • We have a son who is also a software craftsman.

  • We have a white German Shepherd named Gage.

  • I am a runner and I kayak.

  • I take a ton of photos.

  • I read incessantly.

  • I am an Army Brat.

  • I was adopted as a child and found my siblings as an adult.

Most importantly, I never stop learning and am overly critical of my own work.

Stranger Things
I don’t like spiders, heights, most seafood and won’t eat meat off of the bone.

If you have a project you need help on, contact me