Backyard Bird Studies I

This past week I deviated from my more standard morning routine of coffee sketches and decided to dive a little deeper into some bird studies in the sketchbook. While still meant to be warmup exercises, they are simply more involved. 


Bluebirds are fairly common on our property but more so in the colder months.  Graphite in small Moleskine. 


Carolina Wrens build nests in our garage every other spring. They are known to build multiple nests every year but only one they use for nesting. The others are decoys to confuse predators.   Graphite in small Moleskine. 

Softlaunch of new website

About a year ago I switched off of SquareSpace to an Adobe Portfolio site.  That proved to be a bad move.  I hate all things Adobe.  Forward a year and I have decided to move back.  Unfortunately all my old blog posts have gone to the ether - that's just a fresh start for me.  

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