Repurpose Wood for Hanging Art and Photographs

I needed a place to hang studies for projects I'm working on, sketches, or a place to hang paintings to dry.  I didn't want to put up something huge and hideous on the freshly painted walls and certainly didn't want to put too many nails in the drywall.  Taping them up never turns out good.

I reached out to a carpenter friend and he dropped off some scraps of pine and cedar planks that had a nice rough surface like barn wood.  

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What I learned from Inktober 2017

I typically don't get involved in monthly challenges but Inktober sounded like a good idea.  I sketch almost daily anyway and so I silently took it on head first.  Inspiration might have come from some amazing ballpoint pen work from the likes of Guno Park and Nicolas Sanchez and I just didn't know how to handle a ballpoint pen in that manner.  I started the month trying to figure out what I was going to draw but wildlife ended up being the theme.  I'm comfortable in that subject matter.  What follows is what I learned from a month's worth of ink drawings.

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Softlaunch of new website

About a year ago I switched off of SquareSpace to an Adobe Portfolio site.  That proved to be a bad move.  I hate all things Adobe.  Forward a year and I have decided to move back.  Unfortunately all my old blog posts have gone to the ether - that's just a fresh start for me.  

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An Adoption Reunion

This post was pulled from web archives from a site that I pulled down years ago but it still relevant today.

Friday, June 11th 2010, I made a public announcement on Twitter 
and Facebook about some news that has dramatically changed my life for the better and a lot of friends immediately asked me for more context. I started to write this narrative in great detail and then decided to just keep it a little more simple. Sorry if it’s still too long of a read! 

If memory serves me well, around age eight or nine I was told by my parents that I had been adopted at birth. My childhood was good. I cannot complain in that department but there has always been something missing. I think there’s a blood bond that needs to be reconnected. As far back as I can remember, I wondered about my birth mother. Things like, where I got my artistic abilities and more importantly, did she think about me. Was she that nice woman running the register in the checkout line?

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